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Inspired Interiors Group is a talented team of interior designers with a diverse portfolio in various property sectors. We specialise in show home interior design, helping create buyer desire and achieve a high buying price for property developers on both a small and large scale. We also offer commercial design and private residential design.

We are a diverse team with experience working for large brands within the industry. Together however we bring the right balance between professionalism and customer service which means we can offer different interior design solutions no matter the client and the size of the project. We are known nationwide for our show home interior design and have recently expanded our team, bolstering our skills and our capability to deliver commercial floor planning and interiors as well as small-scale residential interior design.

Whether you are looking for design advice or for someone to source furniture and accessories for your home, are interested in creating a floor plan and design for your new commercial space or are looking to design and furnish your show home, we are confident we can help.

We have three separate websites, each acting as a portal for our services. If you are interested in private residential design, please visit our dedicated site here (coming soon), if you are interested in show home design, please visit

Please contact us if you aren't sure of your requirements or to find out more at: or 01332 870066


We are active on many different social media platforms. Follow us for blog posts detailing the latest trends in interior design, updates from our team, information on our latest projects, details on our processes and how we work as well as inspiration. We are on Facebook as well as Instagram. Click the icons in our footer to find out more.

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